Handcrafted in Africa…


…individually selected in an exploratory history of culture

Kalabash Selections individually selects thousands of perfectly crafted pieces of culture that represent community and purpose.  The unique nature of the pieces means that our shopping experience is limited to an in-store journey.  Please contact us for special requests.

Cultural Packs-10.jpg


Hand carved with functional and aesthetic dispositions.  Soap stone art has a historic significance in Africa's cultural heritage

Cultural Packs-12.jpg


Displaying strong themes of tribal beliefs and celebrations. The art of brass casting with various patina treatments

Cultural Packs-16.jpg


Hand made adornments mixed with brass and leather accents. Jewelry and home-ware that are representative of Africa's vibrancy and lifestyle 

Kalabash Wood.jpg


Elemental resource with dynamic applications turns to a medium of story telling and functional art

Every piece of art tells a story